Participate in the Hangzhou promo shoot-浙江外国语党委学工部(学生处)

Participate in the Hangzhou promo shoot

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When it comes to G20 in Hangzhou, our international student, Neil, from Georgia participated in the Hangzhou promo shoot. It aimed to present life in Hangzhou, made by Hangzhou TV station. So they recorded scenes when Neil was learning Beijing Opera and Chinese Calligraphy.

Basically Neil could talk with Chinese fluently, but she still felt a bit upset to participate in such an official promo shoot. When photographer told her to look at camera, she was too nervous to smile, even taking steps at the first time. As the idiom said, practice maked perfect. With the patient instruction from teachers, she gradually got used to that and successfully performed movements. Then, it was on the second day when she visited famous museums in Hangzhou, and impressed deeply by colorful silk and umbrellas.


In the end, she expressed her thanks to this activity which made her feel she was a member of Hangzhou, but also told her more about the charming Chinese culture.