EVGENIYA’s Volunteer Week-浙江外国语党委学工部(学生处)

EVGENIYA’s Volunteer Week

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International student, EVGENIYA KUDINOVA, from Russian was impressed by the pasting week from 22nd December to 28th December, because not only was she the only one international student who attended a volunteer project, but also she has learnt a lot from this experience.


Face the disappointment

She arrived in Wangcunkou Zhongxin Primary school, located in Li Shui, after taking a bus on at a very bumpy road for 5h.Although she was exhausted from that long travel ,she had to start a meet immediately. Meanwhile, it disappointed her that her students had trouble in understanding her Chinese, while adults could talk with her fluently. To be honest, she was a little upset. But as a volunteer teacher, she was also excited to meet this challenge.  


Accomplish teaching tasks

Even if her major is not Teaching, her individual teaching method was acceptable and popular among pupils. Before class, she communicated with colleagues or asked help from our teachers in ZISU, so that she could be a helpful teacher for kids. In class, she spoke Chinese slowly and clearly, with body languages, to make sure that students could understand and have interest in her lessons. As a girl from Russian, she taught them interesting things with traditional features, including festivals, painting, dancing and singing. In the end, her hardworking and efforts have been recognized, therefore, she was invited to students’ home and visited local tea garden and  wine Chateau

Wish the next time

After returning to campus, she bubbled excitedly about her volunteer experience in Li Shui. She so loved this experience and described it as a priceless treasure, in that she met so many cute, kind, serious and hard-working people. Also she hopes that there are more opportunities to be a volunteer teacher again.